Multi-sensory measurement of the geometry of large gears

Model simulation and consideration of measurement uncertainties

The acquisition of geometric characteristics of large gears is of great importance for a quality inspection. Within the research project "Multi-sensory measurement of the geometry of large gears" a scalable measuring system consisting of several optical sensors is to be developed and investigated. The challenges include model simulation of a suitable calibration strategy for the measurement system and multisensory measurements for the observation of measurement uncertainties.

Tasks - Model simulation with Matlab:

  • Simulation of multisensory measurements and consideration of measurement uncertainties to check the requirements on the sensor system
  • Simulation of calibration approaches
  • Support in the development of evaluation algorithms and algorithms for selfcalibration

We are looking for a student employee with the following skills:

  • good programming experience in MATLAB
  • ability to think analytically and work independently
  • good knowledge of spoken and written German

The general conditions for the employment as a student employee are:

  • flexible working hours
  • working hours: between 32 and 74 hours per month
  • hourly rate: 8,84 €
  • leave entitlement

Contact Details

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