Geometric assignment of measurement data and thermographic images to the rotor blade geometry of wind turbines

As part of the project "PreciWind", research is being conducted on a mobile, co-rotating measuring system for investigating the dynamic flow behavior on wind turbine rotor blades. In the future, this will make it possible to better understand the properties of rotor blades, operate wind turbines more effectively and sustainably reduce the cost of wind power. The measuring system is equipped with visual and thermographic cameras as well as a laser measuring system. The recorded data must be assigned to the rotor blade geometry so that analyses are not falsified by viewing angles or, for example, the pitch angle of the blade. In order to be able to assign the measurement data and the resulting images to the geometry of the rotor blades, different types of data and measurement variables must be combined with each other and different coordinate systems must be transformed into each other.

Main task:

  • Further development of a program for geometric mapping


  • Good programming skills, preferably in Python.
    • Matrix calculation
    • Image processing
  • Good spatial imagination
  • Preferably at least a Bachelor's degree (mathematics, physics, computer science, production engineering, systems engineering or similar)

Contact Details

Ann-Marie Parrey
E-Mail: Enable JavaScript to view protected content.
Phone:+49 (0)421 218 646 26

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