FEM Simulation of the Eye

Thesis (Master)

For the determination of the intraocular pressure (IOP) of the human eye, a contactless self-tonometer with acoustic excitation is to be developed as part of a national research project. The exact measurement of IOP is particularly relevant in the diagnosis of glaucoma. An elevated value is regarded as a risk factor for this disease and represents the essential parameter in the therapy of glaucoma.

The approach of the measuring principle is based on the vibration-mechanical properties of the eye. Laboratory measurements have shown that the dynamic response to a pressure pulse changes due to different IOP values. For a better understanding of the physical processes, a modeling of the measuring principle is planned.

With ANSYS Workbench a dynamic vibration examination of the eye is carried out. Of interest here is the variation of the vibration behaviour with respect to different material models, damping variations and a variation of the IOP.

Besides the well-founded work with ANSYS Workbench, the challenge lies in the selection of suitable material parameters and the validation of the simulation model based on laboratory measurements on porcine eyes.

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  • Student of production engineering
  • Previous knowledge of CAD design
  • FEM knowledge
  • Interest in medical engineering

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