Deflection measurement of the forming stylus during incremental sheet metal forming

Incremental sheet metal forming is a more economical production process than conventional deep drawing for the manufacture of customized sheet metal parts in small quantities. In this process, a forming stylus forms the sheet metal over a counter die, and thereby, the forming stylus is deflected, which leads to geometric deviations of the sheet metal. In order to compensate these deviations, the deflection of the forming stylus needs to be measured during the process.

An optical system consisting of several cameras (shadow sensors) is intended to detect the deflection. For this purpose, a light-emitting diode (LED) attached to the forming stylus casts a shadow of a stripe pattern onto the sensor of the camera, so that the horizontal displacement of the LED can be determined by evaluating the shadow pattern.

The following topics are available for selection:

  1. Bachelor thesis: Validation of the spatial distribution of the measurement uncertainty of the optical system on a large coordinate measuring machine.
  2. Bachelor/Master thesis: Simulation-based and experimental investigation of influencing quantities on the measurement uncertainty of a single shadow sensor
  3. Master thesis: Optimization of the shadow pattern for absolute and/ or two-dimensional angle determination

Your profile:

  • Interest in optical metrology
  • Autonomous and responsible way of working
  • Programming skills in MatLab/ Python and willingness to deepen them

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