Tool deflection measurement in incremental sheet forming using an optical multi-sensor system

The innovative process of incremental sheet forming is associated with high form deviations resulting, among other things, from the deflection of the forming stylus. For this reason, the tool deflection has to be detected with an optical measuring system consisting of a light-emitting diode (LED) marking the position of the tool tip and multiple shadow-based angulation sensors. The measurement data from the sensors will then be combined to determine the position of the LED with the lowest possible measurement uncertainty.

Currently, the position of the LED can be detected with two sensors. To realize the multi-sensor system, additional sensors must now be integrated into the measuring system. The data from the single sensors must be fused to determine the LED position. In order to optimally use the acquired data, an experimental characterization of the sensor properties and their integration into the data fusion is required. Thus, a multi-sensor system can be realized that enables the innovative incremental sheet metal forming to produce sheet metal parts in new quality classes.

Potential contents of the thesis can be:

  • Further development of the data evaluation for absolute three-dimensional position detection
  • Characterization of the single sensors and the multi-sensor-system
  • Development of strategies for fusion of data from multiple sensors
  • Optimization of the data fusion based on sensor characteristics

Your Profil:

  • Interest in optical metrology
  • Autonomous and responsible way of working
  • Programming skills in MatLab or Python

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