Simulation of turbulent flow separation on wind turbines

Turbulent flow separation on rotor blades of wind turbines induces a sudden decrease of torque and an increase in drag. Besides aerodynamic performance loss, occur structural loads and increasing acoustic emissions. To be able to investigate the physical flow effects during the operation of wind turbines as well as the resulting mechanisms, a measuring method for the detection and localization of flow separation is required.

The research project aims to detect and localize flow separation by using thermographic flow visualization.

Subtasks of the thesis:

  • Development of a model for dynamic surface temperature simulation on rotor blade profiles using CFD software (e.g. ANSYS)
  • Comparison of simulation results with experimental data from wind tunnel measurements

Your profile:

  • Interest in optical metrology, fluid mechanics and heat transfer
  • Programming experience in MATLAB or Python is useful
  • Independent and responsible way of working

Contact Details

Felix Oehme
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Phone:+49 (0)421 218 646 30

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