Thermographic detection and analysis of damage to rotor blade leading edges of wind turbines

The condition of the leading edge of the rotor blade significantly influences the aerodynamic properties of the rotor blade and thus the performance of the wind turbine. Damage caused primarily by erosion limits the lifetime of wind turbines and leads to high maintenance and repair costs. With the help of the thermographic measuring method and a corresponding damage log, these erosion damages are to be detected directly on the rotor blade at an early stage in order to initiate early action measures such ase.g. a repair.

In order to prepare the damage log, test samples similar to a rotor blade are first examined and documented in the laboratory in their initial state and at different points in time of an artificially induced damage progress by thermographic measurement and laser triangulation.

Possible thesis topics (Bachelor/Master):

  • Implementation of a concept for laser-optical detection and allocation of the geometry of rotor blade-like pro-beams in the existing test rig
  • Simulative and experimental investigation of the influence of the viewing angle between measuring system and measuring object in thermographic measurements on curved surfaces

Your profile:

  • Interest in laser or optical metrology
  • Joy in experimental work
  • Independent and responsible way of working
  • Knowledge of ANSYS simulations or Python programming is recommended

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