Thermographic investigation of the flow effects of erosion damage on wind turbine rotor blade leading edges.

The condition of the rotor blade leading edge significantly influences the aerodynamic properties of the rotor blades and thus the performance of the wind turbine. Damage primarily caused by erosion limits the service life of rotor blades and leads to high maintenance and repair costs. To detect erosion damage at the leading edge of the rotor blade, the measurement method of thermographic flow visualization is to be applied in order to be able to conclude the condition of the leading edge on the basis of the flow behavior at the rotor blade.

For this purpose, a catalog of typical leading edge damage on wind turbine rotor blades is to be compiled. Following this, the correlation between leading edge damage and the subsequent turbulence wedge formation in the rotor blade flow is to be investigated by means of wind tunnel experiments. Thereby, different blade profile shapes as well as differently damaged leading edges will be considered.

Possible content of the work:

  • Creation of a catalog of typical damage patterns of different characteristics of rotor blade leading edges
  • Planning and execution of thermographic wind tunnel experiments on different wing profile models in undamaged as well as damaged condition

Evaluation and interpretation of thermographic data with the help of Python

Your profile:

  • Interest in optical metrology
  • Joy in experimental work
  • Independent and responsible way of working
  • Knowledge of Python programming is recomended

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