Construction and characterization of a Schlierenfotography-setup

Semester: Sommersemster 2022
  • MSc Systems Engineering
  • BSc Produktionstechnik, Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen Produktionstechnik
Suitable as:
  • Master's Project
  • Research Project
  • Bachelor's Project
Group size: 3-3 persons

Schlieren photography is an optical measurement technique that can measure the smallest deflections of light rays. This is often used to measure the smallest changes in the refractive index field in gases such as air. Typical applications are the visualisation of pressure changes due to explosions or temperature changes in the air.

The aim of the project is to plan and construct such a setup with subsequent characterisation and determination of the measurability limits of the schlieren photography setup. For this purpose, influences of light deflection are to be measured with reference measurements on flames and compressed air flows and compared with each other.

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