Laboratory for dimension measurement techniques

The BIMAQ analyzes shape, dimensional and positional deviations on components with dimensions of a few millimeters up to 3 meters. In addition to standardized measurement and evaluation methods for classical micro- and macro-geometric features, application-specific solutions are also developed, such as the determination of extended geometric features or the digitization of the 3D surface of complete components. Besides the application of known tactile sensors, a research focus is the realization, characterization and application of novel optical sensor and measurement systems including multi-sensor systems for fast and precise geometric measurements and quality control.

Research areas

  • dimensional measurements on micro and macro geometries from µm to m
  • optical 3D measurement of e.g. tooth flanks
  • optical multi-sensor systems
  • model-based determination of geometric characteristics (holistic approximation)
  • microtopography and roughness measurements
  • calibration of measurement systems and measurement uncertainty analyzes
  • quality control systems based on geometric measurements

Measurement service

  • order/reference measurements
  • detection and analysis of geometric deviations - tactile or optically
  • evaluation of surface quality - tactile or optically
  • surface zone analysis - non-destructive and non-contact
  • development of measurement and evaluation strategies


chromatic confocal sensor Micro-Epsilon IFS2405-10

  • measuring range: 10 mm
  • light spot diameter: 16 µm
  • resolution: 60 nm

laser-line triangulation sensor Micro-Epsilon LLT2900-25/BL

  • measuring ranges: z-axis: 25 mm / x-axis: 25 mm (MBM)
  • measuring points per profile: up to 1280
  • reference resolution: 2 µm
  • profile frequency: up to 300 Hz

stripe pattern projection system Steinbichler COMET5 1.4M

  • resolution (measuring field): 40 µm (50 mm) / 350 µm (400 mm)

2-frequency interferometer Jenoptik ZLM 500

  • measuring range distance/angle: 40 m / ±8° (up to 20 m length)
  • resolution distance/angle: 2.5 nm / 1.25.10-7 rad

speckle sensors (in-house developments)

  • measuring ranges (average roughness value, approx.): 20 nm - 2 µm
  • measuring frequency: up to 100 Hz

portal coordinate measuring machine Leitz Reference 10.7.6

  • measuring volume: 1.0 x 0.7 x 0.6 m³
  • length measurement error: MPEE ≤ (0.9 + (L in mm)/350) µm

coordinate measuring machine Mahr Primar MX4

  • measuring volume: 0.6 x 0.6 x 0.7 m³
  • length measurement error: MPEE ≤ (1.2 + (L in mm)/500) µm
  • rotary table: For rotation-symmetric components up to 0.6 m diameter

contour and roughness measuring device Mahr LD-120

  • probe measuring range z/x: up to 20/120 mm
  • resolution in z: 2 nm
  • measuring point distance in x: min. 0.05 µm
  • length measurement error: MPEE ≤ (1.0 + (L in mm)/100) µm

contour and roughness measuring device Mitutoyo C-5000

  • probe measuring range z/x: up to 24/200 mm
  • resolution in z: 4 nm
  • resolution in x: 6 nm
  • length measurement error: MPEE ≤ (0.3 + (L in mm)/500) µm

air conditioned measurement laboratory

measurement objects

  • components and samples with dimensions from a few millimeters up to 3 m
  • optical components (lenses, tools for manufacturing optical components)
  • automotive body parts
  • bearings and bearing components
  • special components from the aerospace industry


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